Health and Safety Tips for Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek is one of the most beautiful and popular treks in Nepal. Normally, Manaslu Trekking can be done by slow travelers to groups of people who can enjoy their trip.

Manaslu Trek health and safety tips are necessary for all travelers. If you could take care of your health and physical fitness it will be easy to complete the destination that you want to reach.

Manaslu is located on the west side of Kathmandu and it lies in Gorkha, Manang, and Lamjung Districts. This trek offers spectacular views of the majestic Ganesh Himal and Manaslu mountain ranges. It is rich in Culture, History, and old traditional work.

The Manaslu region trek requires a lot of preparation. Manaslu trek is a remote trek and this trek has challenging terrain as well as weather conditions. To ensure a safe and enjoyable trek, it is very important to prepare the necessary health and guidance tips.

Physical Preparation for the trek

Trekking to Manaslu Circuit requires physical stamina, endurance, and good health. The walking path to Manaslu trekking has more ascent and descent.

For succeeding in your trip, you need to train your body and prepare your mind. Before you go trekking, start a fitness regime at least two-three months before the trek.

Fitness for Cardio exercise, strength training, and stretching. Go for the regular hike or jogging.

While you hike there try to carry some weight in preparation for trekking. Pack the necessary trekking equipment you need for your travel.

Altitude sickness prevention and treatment

Altitude sickness is a common problem that trekkers face while they are on high-altitude treks in Nepal. It occurs when there is a lack of oxygen level in the body.

Similarly, you should have warm soup and hot tea on the way up to Trekking. In case you are not feeling well better to stop in the camp and take a break for acclimatization. Take your time to acclimatize to the high altitude by ascending slowly.

Resting at regular camp, if you feel strong enough to go higher camp you don’t go. Avoid Alcoholic drinks, and smoking during the trekking time. This kind of thing makes altitude sickness worse.

If you experience symptoms of altitude sickness, just decent slowly and seek medication or if you have some medicine with you, you can talk with the guide and have it on timely.

Better to use energy bars, some nuts, and chocolate for quick energy recovery. Before troubling something, wash your hand properly with soap to prevent the spread of germs.

Food and Water Safety

In Manaslu Trekking food is normal and available in every tea house. However, food and water that are safe can be a concern in this remote region.

You should drink only purified or boiled water to avoid water-borne diseases. Avoid raw or uncooked food as it may be contaminated.

Trekking Permits and Insurance

Trekking in Manaslu Circuit requires permits and insurance to ensure your safety and protect your trip. Normally, Trekking companies provide all those papers like permits and TIMS.

Insurance is another important piece of paper while you are doing high-altitude trekking in Nepal. Some terms and conditions followed by travelers in Nepal

  • Individual trekking in restricted Areas is strictly forbidden.
  • Trekkers should respect local customs and traditions.
  • Trekkers should trek only on the specified trekking route as per the trekking permit.

Best Time for Manaslu Trek

Normally, Nepal's trekking season is spring and autumn. In the spring season, the best time is March to May, in this season around the wild forest most of the flowers are blooming, all the leaps are falling, and the new season starts for the tree.

Another best time for Manaslu Trekking is autumn. Autumn has just finished the monsoon season and all the greenery, as well as the temperature perfect.

In a low land much beautiful with green scenery and higher mountain snow-capped head. It is such a mind-blowing panoramic view you can see around.

Accommodation at Manaslu Trek

There are three possibilities for Accommodation at Manaslu Trek. Teahouse Accommodation, Homestay Accommodation, and Camping accommodation.

With these three, it is mainly very popular for travelers as a teahouse accommodation. During a teahouse trek in Manaslu people did not need to carry their food, they got two bedrooms and a king size bed.

Camping accommodation is much more difficult and requires more people to carry the goods for the whole trek and needs a cook, sleeping bag, mattress, tent, and many more things for the trek. That’s why it is a much more expensive trip.

Homestay accommodation is not available everywhere. Almost everywhere in the mountain lodge is organized by family. It is like a homestay everywhere around the trekking route to Manaslu.

Hiring a Guide to Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu Trekking is one of the best destinations for travelers. However, we would like to inform you not to do it by yourself it is highly risky and unsafe.

Better to hire a guide for the Manaslu trek. The cost of Hiring a guide is not very expensive, it depends upon the experience of guidance. Normally guides are very helpful for your destination completion and they tell you all about history, flora fauna, and many other advantages.

Nowadays, the government also makes rules, without hiring a guide you can’t go by yourself. The tentative hiring of a guide is tentative USD $ 20/25 a day. This cost covers the guide’s salary, food, accommodation, and insurance.


How can I prevent altitude sickness on the Manaslu trek?

-Basically, maintain body hydration during your Manaslu Circuit trek. You will be walking every day for five-six hours in the varying altitudes of the Himalayas. 

-Do not go very high in a single day. It will be affecting Altitude sickness and lack of Oxygen.

-Walk higher and sleep in lower elevations it is for acclimatization.

- Eat carbohydrates, proteins, and fresh items of food. Not to eat meat because it will not be fresh and organic. 

-Slow walk wins your thought. So slow pace walk and achieve your Destination.

 Is it necessary to hire a guide or porter for the Manaslu trek?

-Yes, it is necessary to hire a guide or porter for the Manaslu trek. If you don’t hire a guide or porter, you will not get a trekking permit for the trek, if you do not have a guide. 

How can I prepare for emergency situations during the Manaslu trek?

- While you are planning to go to Nepal for trekking, you must seek training.

- Better to check the weather conditions and prepare for trekking.

- Inform the friends you have been reaching and keep them updated. 

- Pack the needed gear for higher trekking in the mountain area.

- Prepare an emergency action plan as you need, and tell the guide for your situation.

- Not too afraid of your poor conditioning in mountains, mentally prepared to succeed.

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