Upper Mustang Trek: Tips for a successful trek

Upper Mustang, a remote region of Nepal. It is a trekker’s paradise, where the journey is as rewarding as the destination. Trekking in Upper Mustang offers an unforgettable experience of natural beauty, unique culture, and majestic landscapes. As an executive and subject matter expert in Trekking. We have compiled essential tips to ensure your safety and health during your trip to Nepal for Upper Mustang Trek.

Train Before The Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is a challenging trek that involves walking on rough terrain, steep uphill, and downhill trails. It is recommended to train for at least six weeks before the trek. You should be focusing on cardio exercises and strength training for leg muscles. 

Pack Essential Items

It is crucial to pack light and include only essential items. Here is a list of must-take goods for the upper mustang trek: 

-warm and waterproof clothes

-Comfortable bag 60 to 85 liters bag

-Sleeping Bag

-First aid kit

-Water purification tablets

-Sunscreen and sunglasses

-Insect repellent

-Trekking poles

-water bottle

-Some Chocolate or bars

Staying dehydrated is a common problem during the trek. It is important to drink sufficient water and fluids to stay hydrated. Carry a water purifier or purification tablets to avoid drinking contaminated water. 

Acclimatize properly

Altitude Sickness is a significant concern during the Upper Mustang trek. It is recommended to Acclimatize properly by taking enough rest and hydrating regularly. If you feel some symptoms of altitude sickness like headache, dizziness, or vomiting, immediately descend to a lower elevation. 

Eat and Sleep well

Eating healthy food and getting adequate rest are crucial to keeping your energy levels high during the trek. Almost all teahouses serve many different types of food options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It is suggested to avoid alcohol and smoking during the trek as well as non-vegetarian food too. Meat items are not fresh in mountain areas because meats are taken up from low land to high mountains.  

Follow the Trekking Trail and Guidelines

You should always stay on the designated trekking trail and follow the guidelines provided by the authorities. Avoid trekking at night and in bad weather conditions. Respect the local culture, tradition, and local people. 

Hire an Experience Guide

Hiring an experienced guide is highly recommended during the trek to Upper Mustang. A guide can provide valuable information about the trek, culture, and local traditions of the mustang region. They can also assist you in case of any emergency.   If you lose the walking trail you can use google Maps which will be not proper but it will be some help. 

Here are some things that could go wrong during your Upper mustang trek and tips for overcoming them

1. Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness is a common problem for trekkers in high-altitude regions like anywhere in High Himalayas. Symptoms of altitude sickness are slowly feeling tired, not being able to eat food and sleep, headache, Dizziness, and shortness of breath. 

To escape altitude sickness, it is the main important to acclimatize properly. That’s why trekking plans always make rest days in a high-altitude trek. You should drink plenty of water, have garlic soup, keep warm your body, and eat some bars and chocolate.  

Escaping alcohol and smoking, better not to have meat while you are heading higher than 3 thousand meters.  If you feel much hard altitude sickness you should go down to a lower altitude.

2. Physical Injuries

Upper Mustang trekking involves walking on rough terrain and steep trails, which can lead to physical injuries. It is essential to wear proper trekking shoes and walk at a steady pace to avoid Injuries. If you do get injured, stop trekking immediately and seek medical attention. It is also advisable to carry a basic first aid Kit with you and your guide have also. But it would not be enough you can check pharmacies near around with the help of locals. 

3. Weather conditions

Weather in the upper mustang can be unpredictable and harsh, especially during the winter months. Thick snowfall, rain, and storm can make walking challenging and unsafe. 

Before starting your trek, check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Always carry warm clothing and waterproof gear. If the weather turns really bad, do not be forced to head on. Stop in a local place or some teahouse and wait a few hours or a few days till getting better. 

4. Getting lost

Navigating through Upper Mustang can be challenging, especially if you are trekking alone or without a guide. Always carry a detailed map, compass, or GPS device to avoid getting lost. If you are about the route, ask locals or other trekkers for directions. It is also advisable to hire a guide or join a trekking group for added safety in your Nepal trekking.

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