Manasalu Region Trek

Manaslu circuit trek is a wonderful adventure around the world's 8th highest mountain. The fascinating trip is the perfect combination of cultural and natural aspects. The range of the high peaks including Manaslu and exploration of traditional villages of the area combined with Tibetan Buddhism religion and the culture is awesome.

The walk from the warm sub-tropic areas to the cool alpine forests and to the arctic ice and glacier zone is the best part of the adventure. The inclusion of Larke Pass adds fun and excitement to the trek. Sought as the best alternative to the Annapurna circuit trek, the Manaslu circuit trek is getting a wide range of popularity in a short time.

The restricted area trekking, the Manaslu trek can not be done individually. This means the trekker has to trek through a Nepal government-registered company and has to have a minimum of two trekkers. The permits needed for the Manaslu circuit trek are restricted area permit, Annapurna conservation area permit (ACAP), and Manaslu conservation area permit (MCAP). 

Trekking in Nepal is a seasonal adventure activity. Like other treks, Manaslu is also the same. The best time to trek the Manaslu circuit is in the months of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). Tripping Manaslu in the months of winter (December to February) is doable. But trekking to Manaslu in the months of monsoon (June to August) is not recommended due to the heavy rain.

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