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How to Book Trek or Tour in Nepal?

Our Company Adventure A One Trek is the best Trekking companion from Start to Finish for your visit to Nepal. We understand the necessity of having customer support throughout the entire process so we have provided a helpful guideline on how to book a trip to Nepal Building your dream for the Nepal Himalayan gateway. We would like to offer you a simplified and easy way of booking a Trek in Nepal.

Booking a trip with us is a very easy and simple step, just follow a few instructions and join us for the exhilarating and unforgettable journey before making your booking. Please, make sure that you have read the relevant tour itinerary on our Website. 

How to Book Trekking or Tour with Adventure A One Trek?

Booking a Trekking or Tour with your organization can vary depending on the specific processes and services we offer for our valuable clients. However here is a general outline of how you can facilitate bookings for your trekking or tour with us.The process you can follow below topics. 

1. Contact information:

Ensure that our website and promotional materials prominently display your contact information, including company e-mail, Phone Number and a contact form for your inquiries. 

2. Online Booking System:

Implement an online booking System on your website, allowing customers to choose their preferred trek or tour select dates and make reservations. You can use the third party booking platforms or develop a custom system. 

3. Create an online presence:

we establish a professional travel website that provides detailed information about the trekking and tours of Nepal. we offer all the plan. itineraries, pricing and food and Accommodation in mountain area as well as city. so you can check all detail and go for your final payment process.

4. payment options:

we offer various payment options such as credit card payments, bank transfer, digital payment platforms, QR code transfer and make it convenient for our clients to pay the trip payment.

5. Terms and Conditions:

you should be clearly read our company's terms and conditions, including cancellation policies refund policies and any other important terms that  you can be sure to a ware of any confusions.

6. Clear pricing:

We provide all clear and transparent pricing for your trekking or tour package of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. all the inclusion and exclusions will write clearly and you could not be confusion about your payment and services we provide. be sure to outline any additional costs that customers may incur of anything.

7. Customers Support:

we dedicated our valid customer support team or chat support are available to assist potential client with inquiries, booking issues and any other questions you may have to ask to our team. feel easy to ask about your payment and getting service by experts.

8. Detailed Itineraries:

While you choose the trekking or tour with us, we provide every detail plan and day-by-day itineraries for your to get services. it will be very helpful for our customers to understand the activities the level of difficulty and what to expect during your Nepal trek or Tour in Nepal.

9. Social media and online Promotions:

We promote our trekking and tour packages through the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, pint-rest, and many travel forums and online advertising to reach us on the broader audience around the world.

10. Local partnership:

Our company and staff collaborate with local accommodations in mountain and city that you recommend or ourselves. it is most important to book the before you are in Nepal. sometime it will be very difficult to find the accommodation in your choice. We provide our visibility and potentially offer package deals with our clients.

11. Safety Measures:

Our main goal is our customers safety and reach in the final destination that you are looking for. Safety majors we have in a place during the trek or tour is a significant concern for travelers. we will check your health situation, and inform how will be possible to achieve the destination. 

12. Post Trip follow-Up:

After finishing the trekking or tour with us, we will follow up with our customers to request feedback. Your feedback will be helpful for us to improve our service for next clients. 

This above specific steps and procedures may depending on your location. the type of Nepal trekking and tours. We offer many other services like peak climbing and expedition, Nepal Tour, Nepal Trekking, White water rafting, Mountain flight, luxury trekking in Nepal, day hike around Kathmandu and Pokhara and many other adventure activity of Nepal. 

These are the main region you can book the trek or tour with Adventure A One Trek.

If you need to change your booking, please get in touch with us info@a1trek.com as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your changes.

Name Changes- If you change name and won’t charge you extra for this. However, if you domestic flights have already been reserved, you will need to pay the airline fee to change the name on the flight ticket. Also if we have already purchased your trekking permit, you will need to pay for the cost of permits for new trekker. Please send us written conformation including full contact details, for the new party. We will also need the relevant Documentation for domestic flights and trek permits. You   must send this information to us at least 2 week before your schedule of your trip. As we will need time to make new arrangements. 

Date changes- if Possible to change the Dates of your booking, you need to get in touch with us at least one month before your trekking begins. Date changes are subject to availability. But we can usually accommodate changes with enough notice. We can apply your deposit to new trek dates up to one year after your first conform trek Date.

First of all, chose a trek you are interested in from our web pages then contact us via our inquiry form or write us on info@a1trek.com to talk about trekking or a tour of Nepal. Then choose your programs as you want to do. Once the Details of your trek duration, route, and number of people have been agreed upon, we will make a provisional booking, giving the dates and cost. To confirm your booking we ask. You pay a deposit of 25%. This can be in Euros, Pound Sterling, or Us Dollars.

Once you have Chosen an Itinerary that meets your requirements, we can provide you with the options within that travel plan to meet your time constraints and budget. Before you confirm the booking of a trip you should read and understand what is included and excluded in the cost. If you require additional services not included in the cost, please inform us. 

While making your trip with us, we need 25% of the trip booking amount. This amount goes to expenses for air ticket fees. Rest Money can be paid upon arrival at our office. Full payment is required before departure on the trip and for your last-minute booking. 

Choosing the right trek

Nepal trekking needs a certain time frame because it is reasonable. But if you are coming for Nepal Tour, all time is good to visit pilgrimage and Historical places.

Normally, September to November mark the end of monsoon season and the arrival of early-season trekkers, who come for the clear skies and not too far below freezing temperatures. In An Annapurna reason, day time almost 15 to 20 degrees Celsius in a low belt and higher areas is less than that. And night time the temperature is drop rapidly and is less than Zero Degree. December and January are heavily snowfall times and close some high passes trek like Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base camp Trekking is also high risk. Mostly, low land area trekking in Nepal is always open for trekkers. March to May is the best time to see the natural beauty of Beautiful Rhododendron blooming. Ghorepani Poon hill Trek is in a blaze of pink, red, and white. But this time temperature is raising and going to high elevation trekking will have more risk of a number of avalanches, so tracks might be closed unexpectedly.

 Monsoon season swings back around in June. Trails are muddy and rife with leeches, the mountains are often thick with clouds and landslides are common. The Monsson season is not a complete write-off. More rainfalls at night, so the mornings are often beautifully crisp. If you want to Travel in Monsson time in Nepal, you can follow in Monsson season trekking in Nepal with us and avoid Nepal's Popular Trekking routes. Head to off-the-beaten trekking like Manang, Mustang, and Upper Dolpo that site is rain Shadow. 

A guide is someone who helps you to navigate through the trail. He usually speaks English well or it depends on your language as you speak on your choice we provide. Guide become your trek, Buddy. Pathfinder, the Friend, helps you to get the necessary permits and first responder in case of emergency. Guides are the unofficial ambassador of Nepal for travelers. They know the terrain, route, and mountains as much as they know about people, History, and local culture. They are walking talking encyclopedia on Nepal. Professional Guides are experienced and trained and hold a license to perform their duties well. So, make sure you get someone who is experienced and holds a license from Nepal Government and Nepal Tourism Board to take training for them.

Porter is someone who carries all of your Trekking Gears, Baggage, and Belongings. However, they are not the best option if you need someone to show you the trail. They speak Basic English and help you reach the final destination of your dream. Porters are usually Locals from the trail who make their living in the tourism industry. Their primary duty is to help you carry your heavy bag, gear, or load, up down the trail. Porters are usually hired along with Guides as part of the crew. For safety regions, they carry loads between 20 to 25 kg. If some clients need help carrying a day pack, in this case, they also help to bring your day pack. It depends on your situation of health.

After Choosing a Trekking route and completing the necessary mountain gear, you will probably start wondering about food and drinking water while trekking in Nepal.  While you are heading to Mountain for trekking, buying a Bottle of Water will be strictly prohibited. That’s why you must take a metal or plastic bottle that you can use for your Nepal Visit. So every tea House Lodge has Available to refill water in your bottle. 

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