Annapurna Circuit versus Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Comparison between Annapurna base camp trek vs Annapurna Circuit trek informs you in much detail about the trail, overnight stay, and many more things

It is also possible to combine both of these treks into the complete Annapurna Circuit by also visiting ABC at the end of the trip. We have guides that have specialized on both treks. Thus, this article is based on our experience of both of these high-Altitude walking during your holidays in Nepal. In Preparation, Most people do not do this unless they have a lot of time available for their Nepal Trekking. So, the main choice to make is which trek is best for you.

After reading this article you can define

-How the level of Difficulty and grading level compares 

-The main Key challenges and threats to consider for both treks.

Nowadays, most people do the shorter circuit trek which is known as the mini Annapurna Circuit Trek, this trek ends at the headquarters of Mustang District. Usually, semi-circuit trek takes 9 days to complete starting from Chame and going up to Manang then Thorong-la and reaching the Hindu pilgrimage place Muktinath then Jhomsom, and fly back to Pokhara or you can drive back too. 

ABC Is Often Called Annapurna Sanctuary and it is exactly the same trek and route. In Summary, the four main variations of the classic Annapurna trek are Annapurna Base Camp Trek 13-Days, the Mini Annapurna Circuit Trek 14-days, The Short Annapurna Base Camp trek 7 days, and the complete Annapurna Circuit Trek 19 days.

Difference between these two treks is in a round trek you have to pass high elevations and hills. But doing a base camp trek means you can reach the base of the Annapurna Himalaya range. You can easily compare the difference pass will be always in high elevation.

Annapurna Region of Nepal

The Annapurna conservation Area project in Nepal is known as ACAP. You need a trekking permit to visit the Annapurna Conservation area. The permit cost for foreigners is Rs. 3390/- Nepali Rupees which is about $30/- per person and the permit for South Asian Association Regional countries is Rs 200/- per person.  You have to drive to the starting point of both treks and there is no flight to begin the trek starting point.

Teahouse lodge in Annapurna Region

Accommodation is the same for both treks as you stay in Tea house Lodges every night in mountains. There is one difference between the Abc trek and the Annapurna Circuit trek in accommodation which is you should expect dormitory-style accommodation. Whereas on Air Conditioning you will get your own private room. ABC Trek is very popular and there is only a limited number of lodges available on the trekking route.

Conditions of Road 

All around Nepal trekking destinations and including the Annapurna region are crushed to some range by road building. In general, ABC trek is less affected by roads Depending on the Annapurna circuit. On the ABC trek, there is a jeep track on the first day of the Trek to Ullery. The other section of the Itinerary with roads is on the last day of the trek from Ghandruk to Nayapul or even can drive all the way back to Pokhara. On other left days, you are walking away from traffic on old hiking trails. Nowadays, people take more vehicles than by walking. 

In the Previous time, every people who want to trek Thorang la pass they have a trek starting from Beshisahar and ending at Nayapul or Beni. It took 18 days to 22 days to complete and there has been the Internet, telephone, and hotels were not available. They have to take everything with them and many porters get a chance to work with the porters, guides, Sherpa, and Cook. Nowadays the road extends until Manang village before Thorang la and after Thorang-la there was a road till fedi, but regular public buses or jeeps are available from Muktinath village. Occasionally, mountain roads in Nepal are blocked in Monsoon Season by the landslide. In practice, these days one does not walk on the road too much as there is a natural Annapurna Trekking trail to follow. 

Trek length of both Treks 

As we introduce Annapurna Trekking there is a range of Itineraries from 3 days to till 25 days. Your choice is likely to be determined by the amount of time you have available for your Adventure activity. The distance for the Annapurna circuit is about 200km if you walk from Beshisahar to Nayapul. Nowadays people do the Annapurna semi-circuit trek, that’s why it takes around 10 to 12 days. Now, people are doing semi-circuits and the distance is also short just need to walk 120km. and for Annapurna base camp it takes 7 days to 10 days for hiking which is about 75 km. This plan does not cover the city like Kathmandu and Pokhara.

High Altitude 

Annapurna Circuit crosses the Thorong-la pass at 5,416m. Whereas Annapurna Base Camp trek reaches 4130m. Thus, the highest point of the Thorong la is 1,286m higher than the Annapurna base camp.


Due to the Higher altitudes on Annapurna Circuit, it is classified the treks crossing throng la as spirited.  We can see Annapurna base camp trek is a grade of demanding trip to Nepal which is short and sweet to see the 36-degree views of the high Annapurna Himalaya range. There are many strenuous graded treks which are Manaslu Trek, Everest Gokyo RI Trek, Dhaulagiri Trek, Everest Three high passes Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, and many more. Other demanding treks are the Everest Base Camp trek, Ghorepani poon hill trek, Langtang Trek, Mohare dada Trek, etc.

Altitude sickness

If you ascend too rapidly before crossing Thorong-la pass at 5400m. There is a high risk you will get altitude sickness. We have designed our trekking itineraries to allow for time for gradual adaption to the high altitude. We include three two nights at Manang village at 3500m where people can acclimatize for going up to Thorang Phedi and cross Thorang-la. While you took rest and Acclimatization it helps our Trekkers safely cross the high pass over Muktinath to achieve your thought.


If there has been heavy snowfall there will be a high risk on the slopes near throng-la as a general rule, it is best to leave the snowpack to calm down for several days after snowfall. On October 2014, there was a heavy snowstorm as a result of Cyclone hudhud. Many trekkers were unaware of the storm and crossed Thorong-la during this Strom across India and north into Nepal. At the Muktinath Company, we received a warning from our weather forecaster at Everest weather. As you see there are key differences between Annapurna Base camp Versus Annapurna Circuit. Their Characterstistics are distinctive and you will have a very different experience doing one or other of these treks.

Note: We are a Local Direct operator of Annapurna Circuit Trek or Annapurna Base camp Trek. We do not sell trips and give others to operate the trip. So we are able to give the best reasonable cheap price with quality service. For the price of the trip please contact us. 

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